Judges 3:31, “And after him was Shamgar the son of Anath, which slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad: and he also delivered Israel.”

There are some days when you feel like a conqueror, though it may seem those days are few and far between. You overcame, you survived, you pressed on and you are experiencing a peace in the storm. That is just when you have to keep your shield up. The battles don’t stop even though the victory is ours. We still must go out and claim the victory. It is in those peaceful times that the devil wants to rob you.

Shamgar was a man whose similar experience was briefly recorded in the Bible. According to the Scripture, he was the son of Anath, he killed 600 Philistines, and he saved the entire country of Israel. That is a pretty phenomenal accomplishment for a man who woke up one morning a farmer, tending to his midsized field, and went to bed Israel's deliverer. Just when his harvest was coming in, an army of armour-clad Philistines rose over the horizon.

You might never be faced with 600 Philistine horsemen, armed and ready to attack you, but your battles are no less important than Shamgar’s. Day in and day out, you struggle with the pressures of Laodicea and the wickedness of a fallen generation. Your daily spiritual battles may be what Shamgar experienced once in his life, in a physical way; but you serve the same God that he did. The same God that put the strength in Shamgar’s arms to swing that little ox goad and defeat a mighty army, is the same God that has strengthened your heart and mind to defeat your foe.

Our victory was won through Christ, all we need do is keep swinging that ox goad. He is the same God, and He will give you the strength to keep going. Don’t let the devil rob you; you may fall down, but the devil has lost the battle. Just keep swinging. Be a Shamgar.

53-0508 - “God Commissioning Moses”
I seen in the day of judges, a little old fellow named Shamgar. It's found over in the Book of Judges. And the Philistines would come in and take off everything that they had. Every time they'd raise a crop, then the Philistines would come in and get what they had and take it off. Oh, what a time, robbing them. Just like it is today. About every time you get your church built up, first thing you know, somebody comes along and says, "Oh, the day of miracles is passed." About time that body begins, you begin to feel the moving of the spirit, and you're getting a little better, somebody said, "Now, that's just… See? That's just psychology. You're not any better." That's the old devil that's coming in to rob you. When you got your faith placed in God, leave it there. That's right.

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