I Chronicles 11:22, “Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, the son of a valiant man of Kabzeel, who had done many acts; he slew two lionlike men of Moab: also he went down and slew a lion in a pit in a snowy day.”

King David had many mighty men that surrounded him, the best of the best. These guys were artisans of warfare and combat. These were not men who gave a half-hearted effort to the battle or to their king. They stood alongside David knowing that he had the promise to become king, and they were fighting with everything they had for him; they were mighty men of valor.

One in particular was named Benaiah. He was the son of the priest, Jehoiada. One time he was facing a giant Egyptian soldier with a giant spear. It would seem a small man like Benaiah would not have a chance, even as skilled a fighter as he was. He killed the Egyptian soldier with the soldier’s own spear. One day Benaiah was walking by a crevasse in the Judean hills when he heard a lion. Instead of quickly going by, he probably thought to himself, “I bet King David would like a nice lion skin.” He hops down into the pit with the lion and kills it.

In the monotony of our everyday life, it may seem like this story is crazy. But this is the kind of faith that God wants in you: the sheer determination to fight the enemy and possess your promise. The kind of laissez-faire attitude the world has toward God will not work in the Kingdom of God. Christ’s army must have grit and courage. So ask God to give you the ability to grab your sword and fight the enemy today. Don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow. Do a good job living for God today. Don’t think about victory tomorrow, take hold of victory today.

Your battle is the Lord’s.

62-1231 - “The Contest”   
Make us fit servants. Forgive our past. Bless our future. Guide us, O Lord God, with Thy mighty hand, Jehovah. Bless these ministers here. Bless all the laity, all the visitors. Be Thou with us, Lord. We are Your servants and we give ourselves wholly to You for 1963, that the power of Your Spirit might have more preeminences in our life and in our being. Help us, God. Forgive us and help us, we pray. Raise up mighty men! Raise up mighty warriors of the Faith! Open this year, Lord, that hidden Manna, that Rock beneath the rock, that we might see the program of God. Cap off the pyramids of our life, Lord; put the Capstone, Christ Jesus, upon each and every one of us. May His great magnificent, holy blessings be upon us all. May the fire of the Holy Ghost come upon us. May the power of the resurrection be manifested. God, how we thank You, tonight. We are Yours. We give ourselves fully to You, Lord.

Read the Bible in 1 year:
Luke 23-24