Proverbs 21:17, “He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately everyone over the age of 15 participated in leisure activities totaling 5.6 hours per day for men, and 5.1 hours for women, in 2015. These leisure activities included watching TV, socializing, and all manner of entertainment. Needless to say, Americans spend a lot of time entertaining themselves.

Everyone needs an outlet to relax. The Lord created us to tend the garden, but He also wanted to take leisurely walks with Adam in the evening. A proper portion of balance should always be appropriated to such things as this. Brother Branham often had to relax and de-stress before or after a meeting. He said in the sermon My Commission, 1955, “So today I've just tried to relax myself, and just go out.” There is nothing wrong with that.

There is a problem, however, when we begin to crave entertainment. We can become lazy and even lower our Spiritual standards in a short time. The unsupervised want for entertainment will gradually turn into a craving for it that becomes a crippling disease which erodes creativity and leads to poverty. We can become unwilling to work hard and unwilling to be creative.

Godly standards take hard work, and when we let too much entertainment creep into our lives God can begin to take second place. When we get depressed, that is the first thing we run to instead of God. When we are tired and worn out, that is the first thing we are attracted to. We should be attracted to the peace that only God can give, which comes from prayer, time spent with Him, and in the Word.

Don’t let standards go. Don’t let entertainment ruin your life. Develop good habits. That takes hard work. Don’t let it get in between you and God.

64-0216 - “Identification”
But the American people has got to be entertained, you know, that's—that's just the nature of us. We'd just… We would rather stay home and watch television, more entertainment than there is in the church. See? That's, see, that's entertainment. That's what we want. It's got into the church. God don't entertain you. He just brings you His Word. See? He said that to that woman, and they had to believe that prostitute's word for it. But the whole city was ready, see, they were in the thoughts of God before the foundation of the world.

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