Job 23:10

“But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

Gold is a very interesting metal. The important thing about it is the rarity of the gold and its softness and ability to be molded and shaped. It’s particularly known for its ductility, which is its ability to be stretched without breaking. Not only this, but gold is also less likely to oxidize in air or water and decay or rust over time. When it’s made into its final product, maybe a piece of fine jewelry, it won’t decay like other metals. This is why God used it in the temple and why it is typed as the deity of God. It will never decay or rust, just like the Lord’s deity will never pass away.

The refining process for gold takes a long time and a lot of resources. Miners have to crush it all up into a fine powder and separate the heavy metal from the lighter dirt particles and loose rock in water. Once they have the powder separated, they mix chemicals in the real fine sand-like mixture and scoop the impurities off the top. When all the chemicals and impurities are out they burn it at 1600o F until it is in liquid form. Once there, they take a little sample to see if the gold is good quality. If it doesn’t pass the test they put it in again and reheat and burn it again, and again, until they have fine quality gold.

The same way that the gold goes through countless purification processes, so are we created into the likeness of God through countless day in and day out life events. The trials of our lives build character and help us to anchor in Christ in the hard times. Just remember when the trials seem to multiply in your days and the going gets rough, in the end, there will be something beautiful from your life.

God is just purifying you.

56-1208 - “Abraham”

You know the Bible said, "Come and buy of Me the gold tried in the fire. In the old days when they—when they used to try gold, they beat it. And they'd take gold and lay it down, and beat it, and beat it, and turn it over, and beat it, and beat it, and beat it, until all the dross was out of it, all the dirt was out of the gold. And the way the beater could tell, he could see his own reflection in it. Every time he'd beat and beat until he could see hisself in the gold; he knowed the dirt was beat out. And that's the way the Holy Spirit does to the Church. It beats the stuff out of us, the indifference, the dross, and things that don't belong into us that Christ's image reflects back into His Church or He reflects Hisself in His Church, because the Bible said in Hebrews 13:8, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever."

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