Hebrews 13:21

“Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

Many of us wonder so often, “What is it exactly that the Lord wants me to do?” Some might think on a daily basis, “What must I do for the Lord, and how do I do it?” It is right to think that way. When we gave our hearts to the Lord we submitted ourselves to a life of service to the King. Going about regular business then might seem like nothing is being accomplished toward the “King's” business. Even Jesus as a young boy was about His “Father's” business.

You must realize one thing, that God will use however much of yourself you give Him, in whatever capacity He created you for. To some He gave the ability to sing, others to preach, others to organize and manage, and some to encourage. God has made you perfect for the work He needs you to do and it is He who will develop that skill and gift in His own time frame. It is up to you to simply surrender your gift  back to His service for Him to use whenever, and however, He chooses.

The Lord could prepare you fifty years for five minutes of service to him. Someone else he might just prepare for five minutes for fifty years of service. Your job is to just be usable. Live pleasing to Him. Wait on the Lord and He will use you.

You are precious to the Kingdom of God because you were fearfully and wonderfully made, just let Him use you in His way and His time.

59-1001 - “What Went Ye Out To See?”

Mercy, when I think of that, it wakes me to something. What must we do? I said to the wife the other day, "Honey, I'm fifty years old. I can't be here much longer." Then I walked out; I stood there in the woods. I went out hunting. I stood there in the woods a little bit. I thought of that, "Fifty years old, what's the matter?" Then something said and say to me, "God could train you for fifty years to do a fifty minute work." Whatever the training's been, God knows what He's doing. He trained Moses eighty years to get forty years of service from him. God's training His people. God's training His Church, if we're only willing to let God have His way and to—to do that thing which is right, if we're only willing to submit ourselves unto Him. That's the thing to do. God takes the simple things.

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