John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

This Greek word that John uses was the word kosmos; it means the world at large, the universe, and the inhabitants of the world. Jesus is telling us that He was sent to die for the world as a whole, because God desires that all men be saved (Ⅰ Timothy 2:4), but in doing so He redeemed His Bride. Just like a father would not want any of his offspring to perish, so does God want all men to be saved and come unto Him.

Arthur W. Pink, author of the book The Sovereignty of God, explained that if God did not have a predestinated group of elected Bride, and He only left it to whosoever will, then how could he have been sure anyone would come? You see God had to have a special group of people to call His Bride, an elected group. This does not discount the fact that God is not willing for anyone to perish, but that all should be saved and hear the truth.

How wonderful it is that God would have us witness to all those around us who have not tasted of the goodness of God. All will not receive it, but all should have the chance to it. All will not mock you for sharing it, but some will. All are not Christ’s Bride, but all are created by God and are savable.

Even the Great Commission tells us, “Go unto all the world.” Are you being a witness? Spread the good news of the Message of the Hour; salvation is available. Not everyone will be in the rapture, that is clear in Scripture, but God will have mercy on whom He will (Romans 9:18).

Share the good news with someone today.

50-0827A - “Prodigal”

Then I can see the old dad. He's just worrying, walking back and forth, up and down on the outside, from the barn up to the house, back and forth. I can hear mother go to the door and say, "What's the matter, Dad?" "Oh, I don't know, Mother." You know, our parents, if they're good, God-saved people; they worry about their children. I'm a father myself, and I got a little boy setting here, listening at me right now. God knows I love him. I'd… If one of us had to die this afternoon, "Let me die ten thousand times to his one." That's right. Let him stay. It's a love that we have for our offspring. That's the reason God so loved the world, His offspring, that He came Himself to die that we might be free; paid the penalty Himself.

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