Colossians 3:2

“Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

Matthew Henry said in his commentary, “At the second coming of Christ, there will be a general assembling of all the redeemed; and those whose life is now hid with Christ, shall then appear with him in his glory. Do we look for such happiness, and should we not set our affections upon that world, and live above this?”

In this life, and in this world, we have our homes, we have our jobs, and we have our families. All that we can hear, taste, touch, smell, and see is here. It is easy to set our affections on that which we can experience by our natural senses. That is why it takes a special kind of person to transplant their affections on that which they cannot see. It takes someone who is born again to really totally shift their affection to Christ.

The Apostle Paul encourages us, “Set your affections on those things which will last.” Things in this world simply won’t last forever, but things in heaven are eternal. So why place your affections on “stuff”? Boats, cars, homes, and possessions will all fade away, but Christ will endure for eternity. The balance that should come as a result of this transplant of affections should take into account that “stuff” is not bad in itself. This principle simply admonishes us make sure we know full well what we are living for. We must lay up treasures in heaven, not on earth (Matthew 6:19).

Set your affections above.


62-1216 - “The Falling Apart Of The World”

But the Church receives a Kingdom that when we set in heavenly places and are lifted up into the Presence of God, setting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, knowing this, with the assurance of faith, that we're in the Presence of our anointed King. Oh. There is to be a new heaven come forth and a new earth, and which will never part again as long as eternity lasts. We're looking for that new heavens and earth. This one, you can have all of it you want. For me, I want That one. It depends on where you set your affections. It depends on what post you tie to. You tie to your denominational post, you're going right down with it. If you tie to anything of this world, to any politics and things like that, and trust in that, you'll sink with it.

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