Psalms 37:23

"The steps of a good man are ordered by The Lord: and He delighteth in His way."

Matthew Henry commented on this Scripture;

"By his grace and Holy Spirit he directs the thoughts, affections, and designs of good men. He has all hearts in his hand, but theirs by their own consent. By his providence he overrules the events that concern them, so as to make their way plain before them, both what they should do and what they may expect."

A Believer should never worry about the steps they take each day if they are committed to the Lord and walking uprightly in His Word. With the Token applied in their lives and focusing on His will, the Lord rightly places each footstep in the direction He has planned. This can only lead to all things working for their good. It may lead them through dark valleys, high mountains, hard places, but the end result is a life that is molded and shaped by God and one that is pleasing in His sight.

So many times we are trying to decide what to do or what not to do, making the hard decisions of life with worry and anxiety, when in reality we must let these requests be made known to Him and He will place our steps where they must go. Proverbs 16:9 says, "A man's heart deviseth his way: but The Lord directeth His footsteps." Our model for making decisions and choosing our paths is Jesus Christ, how He sacrificed Himself and desired to walk God’s way.

Don’t worry about the future, just consecrate yourself to Him today, and He will make the future beautiful in His time.

55-0221 - "Christ"

If today, if somebody could come around here and say, "I'll give you a little pill, and that'll absolutely inoculate you from every hydrogen bomb will ever fall. And you'll live here on earth for a ten thousand years, through the millenniums and everything else, you'll live here through that." Why, you'd rush here (mercy) to get it. And tonight, if there was such a pill in the physical form, material form, it could be given. But I'm telling you tonight, that the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ will inoculate you from sin and death, and will preserve you forever in Christ Jesus through the ages to come. If you'll come upon the basis of the shed Blood. No death can bother you. God's promised to take care of you. "The footsteps of a righteous man is ordered of the Lord." It ain't whether you hang on or not; it's whether He hung on or not. It isn't what I do; it's what He's done for me.

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