Matthew 9:18-24

While he spake these things unto them, behold, there came a certain ruler, and worshipped him, saying, My daughter is even now dead: but come and lay thy hand upon her, and she shall live. And Jesus arose, and followed him, and so did his disciples. And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole. But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour. And when Jesus came into the ruler's house, and saw the minstrels and the people making a noise, He said unto them, Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn.

If you have never been directly healed or seen someone close to you healed, divine healing may seem hard to grasp. Even if you have heard of the many stories around the churches, it might not be real to you. I know personally that God is a healer because twice in my life the Lord has healed me of something outside of my control to change or the doctor's ability to cure.

The little lady with the blood issue that reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment was healed instantly. Power went out of Jesus and He could feel it leave Him. Her faith in His power and His presence released the power of God to heal her. Jairus, the man whose daughter Jesus was on the way to heal, saw this happen and knew that if Jesus merely spoke the Word, something would happen. Because of his faith, Jairus’s daughter was brought back from the dead.

This power of God is still available to you today and available to heal you or a loved one. The right kind of faith is needed to release the power of God. Do you need a healing touch today? He is more than able. Why don’t you pray and ask the Lord to release that healing power? Whether it is for you or a loved one, just pray that the Lord’s will be done.

64-0618 “Presence of God Unrecognized”

And Jairus, a little fellow up there with a dead daughter, he believed what He said was the Truth. Now remember, he was a priest, and he was forbidden, 'cause it had been strictly told, anybody that associated with Him would be put out of the synagogue. Well, whether he was put out or whether he wasn't, he was satisfied that God was present in Christ, and that was the Word. And what did it do? It released to him the resurrection power that was in Him (Amen.); brought forth a girl that was dead, and laid out, because he recognized that God was in Christ, and His Presence was in his house.

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