Psalm 119:9
“Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.”

Today’s pressure-filled culture and society is directly aimed, it would seem, at a young man. Of course, others are vulnerable and attacked in different ways. The same immoral billboard might incite a lustful spirit in a young man and a covetous spirit in a young woman. However, it is hard to find a place to turn your head as a young man. To “run away” from immoral billboards, as did Joseph with Potiphar's wife, a young man would continually be running marathon level mileage.

To be blameless and have good intentions in the heart is a wonderful thing; especially in a society as unclean as ours. If you are “pure”, you can live life with a clean conscience and have a faith that is sure. However, just because the society today displays filth more prominently does not mean that young men of olden times were exempt. David in the 119th Psalm pens the deep frustrations of a young man’s heart. Hormones raging, temptation at every turn, and yet something in his heart cries out, “How shall a young man stay blameless before the Lord?” Nothing can be hidden from God’s eyes, young men and women. He knows what is going on.

David answers the question with the truth, and by the answer he gives, he places into our hands the most powerful weapon ever formed. He admonishes to the young men especially, “Preserve and keep the Word in your heart.”

When the devil throws his worst at you, and you think you are pinned up against the wall, your character will begin to show. Do you willingly give in or do you want to act in a way to please God? Keeping the Word at the forefront of your life will build in you character so that when the devil does come, you’ll be ready. Character is a victory, and it must be molded and shaped by the Word.

How can a young man or woman stay pure? Stay in the Word and listen to the Voice before the storm. When temptation does come, you will be ready.

61-0213 - “And Thy Seed Shall Possess The Gate Of His Enemies”
That's the way it looks to Christians sometime when somebody… The young lady, when she's been persuaded by a boy that she really loves to take her first cigarette; when she's forced, maybe to take a—a drink for her first time, have her first cocktail at the party of the boss that she works for: or the man who's got a wife and family at home, when the immoral woman tries to make love to him… You've got those barriers at the gate. But if you'll just… Look like God's forsaken you. Just keep walking steady. Watch Him. Just keep moving on.

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