I Corinthians 10:24
“Let no man seek his own, but every man another's wealth.”

Our culture is all about “self”. “Do what is best for yourself, right now, while you can,” is the prevailing attitude of our culture. Even in the Harvard School of Business they teach, “The end justifies the means.”  They teach the brightest minds in the nation, “Get to the top by any means necessary.” Society is all about serving itself. There are a lot of incredible people out there, many of which have done incredible things for their fellow man, but society at its core seeks its own good.

What good will it have done to have served yourself when you are laying on your deathbed? The dead are dead alike. There is no difference between the dead, except their legacy and character. So examine the way you live your life for a moment. Is it in your heart to serve those around you? Or do you, at the core of your thinking, only seek your own good, and just “deal” with those around you?

Paul lived for Christ, and in so doing lived for others. He was a tentmaker and worked for a living, but his life wasn’t about his own career, his own livelihood, or his own material wealth. His life was to serve those around him, and share what God had given him. He even said to live for Christ as he lived for Christ. Bro. Branham said the same thing, to serve Christ as he served Him. They lived by example.

What are you living for? Don’t live to seek your own good. Although we must take care of ourselves and provide for our families, we must first seek the kingdom of God. Live for the good of others, don’t live for yourself.

51-0501 - “Exhortation Of Divine Healing”
Only thing I could see a vision, see what's happened, and there it is; and I just act out. It's just drama to me. I just act out what He shows me to do. Do you understand now? So it's not me; it's our heavenly Father just showing me what—and—and in that channel where He has placed me. I use that to the best of my knowledge to help His people along, thinking that someday when I come to the end of this journey, I may, if Jesus tarries, I hope to be able to serve His people until I'm an old man. And—and I'll do it with all the reverence in my heart to Him that I know how.

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