Matthew 27:32
“And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross.”
There is a man in the Scripture, who is only mentioned once, by the name of Simon of Cyrene. The city of Cyrene was an ancient Greek colony, located on the northeastern coast of present-day Libya, where a large community of Jews lived. He was one of the many men who most likely traveled far to join the Passover. It was nearly 900 miles from Jerusalem and those, like Simon, who made the journey could have only done it a few times in their lifetimes.
Perhaps Simon was a man who had never accomplished much and never made a great income, or maybe he was a man of great success and wealth. Regardless, the Lord had him make that long journey to wind up on the side of the road, watching as Jesus walked by. When Jesus could no longer bear it alone, Simon was told by the soldiers to help him carry the cross. For Simon, this trip undoubtedly would change his life.
You may never know why God has you doing what you do, or where you do it, but you can trust that He knows exactly what He is doing with you. His plan for your life accounts for every variable that you may think is alluding His mind. So don’t worry about the capacity with which you serve him, because He is using you to work His plan to perfection.
Keep on doing what you are doing, housewife, serviceman, executive, cook, or mechanic. God will use you if you live according to His Word.
63-0122 - “Remembering The Lord”
We must ask for service. Amen. "Lord, if I'm to be the doormat, make me the best doormat You ever had. Whatever I am to be, let me be." Not, "Make me… If I can't be a Billy Graham, or an Oral Roberts, why, I ain't going to be at all." See? Why, you're just as much thought of as Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, if—if you got a… if you're the doormat, if you are God's. God needs a doormat; He—He wants a good doormat. That's all. See? It doesn't matter. But we go along, presuming that we're supposed to be this or that. Don't do that. Just ask for service, whatever it is. See? Whatever it is, let God choose your service. See? And then when He gives you service, remember that it is Jesus that directed you here. You were born for that purpose. Be a—a good servant to Him, wherever it is. Yes.

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