Proverbs 31:30
“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.”

Brother Branham was right when he said that a good wife is the best thing God could give a man outside of his salvation. The value and completeness that a woman can give a man is worth far more than money, wealth, fame, or recognition to that husband. Scripture says she is a jewel in his crown. This does not diminish the woman’s importance, but, rather, is the example of how important she is in God’s eyes.

The Apostle Peter says in I Peter 3:7 that husbands should give honor to their wives as fellow heirs of the grace of God. A sister in Christ, who is filled with the Holy Spirit, living as best as she knows for the Lord, is a beautiful sight in the Lord’s eyes. The Word deals very strictly with women because, as a woman, she has such a powerful influence on a man.  It says that a woman who fears the Lord is someone worthy to be praised.

Society is extremely hard on sisters. Styles and fashions deviate from God’s standards more so for women than for men. In American society, modesty is so far from Scriptural standards that it is hard to find appropriate clothing, although not entirely impossible. The cries for women’s rights has skewed the Godly revelation of how important a virtuous woman is to her household and how important she is to God. Needless to say, it is hard for a Godly sister to live in this present world.

A Godly woman who stands for the Message, who lives according to the principles of modesty, who thrives in a world of fallen men, and who strives to please the Lord in all she does, is someone that is worthy of praise. She deserves honor and applause. She deserves support and love from a husband who should recognize that value.

Keep pressing on in the faith, sisters. You are the only true example of Godliness, and of virtuous women, the world has the chance to see. God will greatly reward your stand upon His Word.

60-0806 - “Hear Ye Him”
Peter had seen something real, something take place that was genuine. And any man that's got character, any woman that's got character, they're wanting, the world's hungry to hear something real. They want to get a hold of something that's real. When they find it, they're willing to receive it. But they want something that's real, not some sham, put on.

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