Matthew 21:22
“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

The right mental attitude toward a Divine promise of God will bring it to pass. This is the underlying principle of this passage of Scripture, “If you shall ask anything in my name, you must believe.” You must believe in His name, in the right mental attitude. It cannot be doubt, for doubt and faith cannot coexist. It must only be faith in the promised Word of God.

So take whatever it is you are facing, perhaps it is depression, or anxiety, or an illness, or even a major decision, and use this prescription. God is alive and on the throne; He is alive in our hearts, dwelling in us to the change of our mortal bodies. His Word can never fail. Take your situation or problem, and believe that God’s perfect will shall be made known in accordance with the promises of His Word. When you believe this, and remove anything that hinders His moving in your life out of the way, then He will act on it and it will come to pass.

Sometimes you can simply have something in the way hindering God’s moving; just remove it. Sometimes you can be fearful, that perhaps God maybe won’t move; then I implore you to take up the banner and run into the battle, casting aside your fear. Sometimes you can think something is too big for God to handle. Rest assured that God is bigger than you, your problems, and the world that created them.

Have the right mental attitude of faith toward the Divine promises of God, and watch them materialize before you.

53-1213M - “What Think Ye Of Christ?”
You say, "Well, I don't see any results, but that don't make any difference, you got it anyhow. See? 'Cause the Word of God is a Seed. Is that right? And we are sowed with the incorruptible Seed of God. See? It can't perish; it's incorruptible. And I… Here's a statement that I usually make in the healing services, "The right mental attitude towards any Divine promise of God will bring it to pass." See? 'Cause it's a seed. It has to. And if the right mental attitude, you just take the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise, watch it materialize. See? No matter how it looks, if it looks impossible, if God said so He makes it possible. Is that…?… wonderful.
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