Psalm 101:3

I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.

Every gray color is made from a certain amount of white and a certain amount of black. It takes black and white to make gray. So there has to be a truth and a wrong to make every “gray” situation. To have balance in situations that aren’t clear in Scripture is many times overrun by someone's desire. If someone wants to do something that might seem a little “gray” according to the Scripture and Message they will push it to their favor.

Our job as Believers is not to allow our desires to run away with us. However, in modern society we are overrun by TV and movies. If you drive at night through neighborhoods, almost every home has that distinct blue glow coming from various rooms of the house. Almost every home has at least one TV going in at least one room of the house. So what does a Believer do?

The father of every home has the responsibility to decide what he does or does not let into his home. However, he will reap what he sows. The five-fold ministry that teaches the Message gives the father the instruction and guidance from the Scripture and Message he needs to make the decision. If the family pushes for the wrong things and influences the father in the wrong direction the whole family will reap the consequences. If the ministry is out of balance the whole family will be in return. The church will then begin to participate more frequently in that same event.

In today’s world watching what Sodom deems “child friendly” is what Brother Branham called “filthy” in his day. One can only question what the consequences of “watching” Sodom’s most family friendly entertainment will be. The best instruction we have ever been given concerning entertainment is not to condemn others or heap our pious convictions onto others, but “live our own sermons out of love.” The instruction is this: “Don’t willingly place any wicked thing before your eyes, but cast it aside.” Let the fathers of households take responsibility and make the right decision, and sometimes the hard decision, to let no wicked thing come before their family’s eyes.

It might not be the most popular or easy decision. The consequences of the right decision is a family who knows they have a father who is willing to stand for the Word of God with integrity, despite what the world around him does. What your family feeds on, they will become.

What are you watching?

60-0304 - “Thirsting For Life”

When I found out that there was two different kinds of life. Some people try to think life is drinking, having a big time. That's the spirit of this nation: big times, somebody, a TV program, a lot of jokes to be cracked. Why, that makes a real Christian sick at his stomach to hear of such things. A man or a woman can look at that kind of stuff that we have on TV today, some of them programs and—and enjoy it, it shows that it's Ichabod wrote over the top of your heart. The glory of the Lord has departed.

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