Romans 8:14
“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

In the book of Luke, there was a man by the name of Simeon, about whom very little is known. His reputation for being just, and his devotion to God and the Word, made him a respected man in the temple. The Scripture says that he was a man waiting for the consolation of Israel, and that he had the Holy Ghost. Simeon was anointed by the Holy Spirit and was being directly led of God.

Every son and daughter of God is led by the Spirit of God. When they don’t know what to do, He does. When they don’t know where to step next, He moves them. When they don’t know what to pray or how to pray, the Spirit prays for them. When they don’t understand things, the Holy Spirit leads them into the Truth. Everything that the Believer is, is because of the Holy Spirit. This is exactly what anointed Simeon when he reached out and grabbed Jesus from Mary’s arms.

Know that the Holy Spirit will lead you, just the same as He led Simeon to Mary and Joseph. He will guide you and establish you. You must only live justly and be devoted to Christ. When you do this, God will come right on the scene.

Are you being led by the Holy Spirit?

52-0727 - “Led By The Holy Spirit”
About that time, I could just see the Holy Spirit come up and say, "Simeon, rise up." Simeon rolled up the parchment, stuck it down on the… Raised up. The Holy Spirit's on him. Do you believe that men's led by the Spirit? I do. I believe they are yet. Here he come moving out. "What's the matter, Lord?" "I've got something to tell you, Simeon, this morning. I gave you a promise. Come on out." "I don't know were I'm going, but I'm going." Out into the day. Here he comes down through the crowd, lurching along through the crowd, moving through this one. Some of them say, "There's that old fellow cracked at the head, going to see the Christ." He was standing right in the building and yet they didn't know it. Here comes the Holy Ghost leading him. He hits that line of women for their purification. Here he comes right down along the line, led by the Holy Spirit. And when he gets right in front of that little despised and rejected woman with that baby wrapped in swaddling's cloth, he picked up the baby in the arms, and the tears dropping off of his white beard. He said, "Now, Lord, lettest Thy servant depart in peace according to Your Word, for my eyes have seen Your salvation." What a difference. Spirit led.

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