Philippians 3:14
“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

In a speech at Kinnaird Hall, Dundee, Scotland in 1908, Winston Churchill said, “What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?...We are going on swinging bravely forward along the grand high road and already behind the distant mountains is the promise of the sun.” It would be in the years to come that Churchill would face greater obstacles than even he could imagine. They would test his determination to keep fighting. Yet in the face of all of these obstacles, he persisted.

During World War II, when the German forces were bombing England, mainly concentrating their efforts on the city of London, Churchill would walk the streets meeting with people and talking to them, encouraging them to keep going. He gave speeches that ignited the passion of the British people. It was this stirred passion that affected the future Prime Minister of the state of Israel, David Ben Gurion, later in his life. Churchill ignited a passion in those who would come behind him, and in so doing ignited the nation of England.

No matter what age you are, there are people coming up behind you. There are people who watch you and are affected by the way you live your life. What kind of attitude are we, as Believers, going to show those around us? We are the final generation, those that may very well receive a body change and never experience death. We have so much to live for, and so little to lose. Let us strive to ignite the passion of those around us. Let us encourage one another in the faith, and bring all we can into the kingdom of God.

What is the use of living, if we are not living for Christ passionately?

58-0301E - “Hear Ye Him”
May they live such lives of discipline, from this on, until all this city and the round about cities where they live, may say, when they pass down the street, "If there ever was a Christian, there they go, for the sweetness of that person, though they don't belong to my denomination, but yet, they are real Christians. They are sweet and kind." Thou has said in Thy Word, "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt has lost it savour…" And God, I'm afraid that's what's happened to the church: it's lost its sweetness, it's lost its love, it's lost its influence to bring sinners to You. Just taking in a bunch of members, and baptize them, and let them live in the world, and their influence has corrupted the church.

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