Psalm 85:6
“Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

One of the greatest things we can desire is revelation. Often times, however, great revelation is preceded by personal revival. We rededicate our hearts to God, or we seek Him in deep prayer, and in turn He brings us a little higher into His presence. There, we can receive an even greater revelation of who He is to us, and how gracious and good He has been. The key to receiving this personal revival is a humble submission in sincerity.

Sometimes we focus on the outward too much, and we can use that as our measure of spiritual success. We use the term, “Works is our faith expressed, right?” We may mistake a growing congregation, a larger church building, or even great emotional experiences in proving our level of spirituality. These things may be blessings of God; they may in fact be an indicator of the faith you profess, but they are not necessarily the indicators of spiritual growth or personal revival.

Personal revival is something that is deep within your heart. It is between you and the Lord, and your integrity is the key indicator of your sincerity toward Him. Your relationship with Christ, in the day to day living, is where you really see your spiritual health and growth. Going from camp meeting to camp meeting and having an “experience” with God each time is a wonderful thing. It is the hard realities of everyday living, however, where God really builds you and molds you. This is where sincerity must reign, and then when your revival thrives, God will bring you higher.

That is what we desire, a greater walk with Him and a greater revelation of who He is. It all starts with personal revival.

1959- “Be Certain of God”
What we need today is not a lot of material things; we have that. We don’t need greater churches; we don’t need greater congregations. We don’t need more on radio and on television. We don’t need so many more of these things. But what we need today to be spiritual, is a person that will humble themselves before God if they haven’t got a penny and will pray till that spirit within them is satisfied with the goodness of God, and a revival take place on the inside of their heart that changes their attitudes and atmosphere that they live in.

Read the Bible in 1 year:
Ezekiel 40-42