John 8:36
“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

Have you ever made a purchase and read the warning labels or the fine print? Rarely do we do this, but they are there because the creators of the product want to protect themselves from any potential defects or issues arising from its use. With God however, there is no fine print; what God does, He does with purpose and finality. God does not operate by chance.

When He sent Jesus to die on the cross, there was no chance involved. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of, “Maybe His blood will cleanse everyone.” When He bled and died, it was final. This is something that we can rely on about God, He doesn’t do things by chance or allow slip-ups in His plan. He has you covered and will always hold up His end of the bargain. Thankfully for us, God is a God of second chances where we are concerned, and when we make mistakes, God has made a way for us to come to Him and ask forgiveness.

No one will get away with mocking God, trying to get by without having accepted the blood genuinely in their soul, but God gives mercy upon those who truly come to Him with a repentant heart. When God sets someone free, then they are truly, without fine print, free indeed. Rest securely in the arms of God.

He didn’t take a chance with you, because when He does something, He knows exactly what will happen. Did He set you free?

56-0108 - “God Hath A Provided Way”
Jesus never come to the earth and died just in vain. Jesus never taken a chance, to come to earth. Jesus wouldn’t have did that. God don’t run his office business in Heaven like that, loosely. Jesus came to the earth to die for a purpose, and not just to see if there would be somebody. God, before the foundation of the world, set the…foresaw the whole thing. You believe it? Foresaw it! By foreknowledge He foreknew it.

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Ezekiel 25-27