Proverbs 16:3

Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.

Labor Day, as we know it, is the unofficial end of summer. The holiday actually started in the late 19th century. When labor movements and trade unions began to grow, they set aside a day out of the year to honor the hard work of men and women across the country. Today, more than 80 countries celebrate the holiday world wide. It is a day simply to celebrate hard work.

There is something amazing about hard work. It is a “sure fire money making scheme”, as Dave Ramsey says. It is pleasing to Lord. Something good happens to the brain when you work hard and do your absolute best. Scripture says that hard work and diligence lead to provision, happiness, and prosperity. Honest hard work is a blessing from God. But have you ever stopped and wondered what you are working for? Are you working hard to get up the corporate ladder, simply to make more money? What good are you accomplishing for the Lord with your hard work? Are you working hard for worldly goods alone, or are you working to the Lord?

As we celebrate this day across the world - celebrating good, honest hard work - don’t forget who gave you the ability to work. As the Scripture says, commit your “way”, your work, your efforts, and your toils unto the Lord and He will establish your plans and make them become fruitful. Don’t simply work for the money or for vanity, work as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23).

What are you working for? Keep your eyes on glory and work hard to provide the necessities of this life, as if you were doing it for the Lord. He will establish your plans. Celebrate the Lord’s blessing of hard work today.

61-0218 - “Balm In Gilead”

I have never in my life… I'm fifty-one years old; I've been preaching the Gospel for thirty-one years. I pastored the Baptist Tabernacle seventeen years and never took a offering in my life, never in my life. I pastored seventeen years in the Baptist church there at Jeffersonville, Indiana, and never even had a collection plate in the church. That's right. Not because that they wouldn't do it, because I was able to work, so I just went out and worked, hard work too: walking thirty, thirty-five miles a day, patrolling and things like that through the wilderness, and working on high lines, and whatevermore come along to work. Make my living. I wasn't no burden to the people. 16  I love the Lord. That's it. See? It's not money; it's not them things; it's to—it's to try to get the church of God and all of us together to go up in that great rapture. I'm watching the end, is what I'm watching, as I've told you about riding the bicycle. If you're looking here what's going on now, you'll—you'll certainly run off the board. But if you just keep your eye on the end and hold steady, just keep watching the end (See?), you won't get so nervous. See? "Oh, how's this going to be? How is that going to be?"

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