Proverbs 3:21

My son, let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion.

I once met an 84 year old man who was purchasing something from my company. After a brief conversation he told me he couldn’t read. I thought that was pretty amazing that a man could live 84 years and never learn to read. I asked him how on earth he made it this far without ever learning. He looked at me and said, “Son, good old common sense has got me through.”

In some translations this phrase “sound wisdom” that King Solomon writes is the phrase “common sense.” It means good sense and sound judgement in certain matters. It is something that we all should strive to utilize; although, it could be argued that some use theirs more than others.

God gave us a head on our shoulders and a mind with which to think. We have the Word and access to the infinite wisdom of the Lord if we would only ask and seek how to find and use it. Don’t lose track of common sense, discretion, and sound judgement. Always keep them at the forefront of your actions. As a Believer, and as you spend more time in the Word, your actions will be guided by the Holy Spirit. It is common sense that you will reap what you sow, because the Word says so. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will lead you to things that the world says doesn’t make sense, but always remember the maker of everything knows just what He is doing. Even if we can’t make heads or tails of it, it makes perfect sense in His eyes.

The Holy Spirit's life will come out from within the more you let Him, that is just good old- fashioned common sense. Keep it always before you as King Solomon warns.

Don’t let it depart from your eyes.

58-0512  “Life”

Now, the Christian church should have real character then. And if the Life of Christ is in the church of Christ, then it's got to have the character of Christ. It'll produce the Life of Christ. It's just a no more than just what we call in the south, common sense. If the Life of the Spirit of Christ is in the church, it has to produce that Life, because the life that's in you, makes your character… God grant the day, that when men will live just what they are.

Read the Bible in 1 year:

Ezekiel 1-4