I Corinthians 16:13

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

Paul wrote a very interesting appeal to the Corinthian church in chapter sixteen of his first letter. He writes, “...quit you like men,” making the argument that those who stand fast in the faith should act like men and be strong. Is he writing to men only? Is the appeal to all Christians to “man up”?

The Greek that Paul uses when he says “quit you like men” is the word andrizó, which means to act like a man. Paul is literally saying, “Watch and be strong in faith and courage, act like real mature men do.” He is crying out for men to stop acting foolishly, lead effectively, and conduct themselves as mature Christians in the faith.

I believe there is a crisis in the world today. It is a lack of outstanding men. God wants outstanding men in His army. When you have outstanding men who stand firm in the faith and have the courage to lead their families right, then you will have secure, loyal, and faithful women in the faith. Women need men to “quit you like men,” and act like mature men in the faith, standing strong for what is right and loving tenderly.

God wants his men to be outstanding. Outstanding men are those who love God with all their hearts, and love their families and care for them as they should. God wants men who will apply the principles of Scripture in their families.

Who is going to step up to the plate and become an outstanding man?

57-0105 - “Hear Ye Him”

Oh, how I would like to see the whole Christian church just look up and "Hear ye Him." He's the One. God's looking and searching for men who will stand out, outstanding men, not because you can do this or do that, because in your heart, in your innermost being there's something that loves Him.

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