I Corinthians 12:31

But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.

I have heard the question so many times, “Why aren’t there gifts working in the church any more?” It is true that gifts are not seen working in the church in the ways or frequency that they occurred during the tent revival period and Brother Branham’s time; however, they are still working. Gifts never leave once they are given. God anoints the Bride in every period of time to do exactly what she needs to do.

The Apostle Paul is giving us Scriptural guidance of the different gifts in I Corinthians chapter 12 that are found in the church. He then ends the chapter with a simple phrase that leads into chapter 13, the most compelling chapter in the Bible about love, when he says, “I am now going to show you a more excellent way.” This is not a happy go-free, love everybody and anybody type of love. This is Divine Love he begins to describe. This kind of love is the attribute of the Holy Spirit living in someone's life.

The Scripture affirms many times over that to “love” is indeed the more excellent way. I believe then, the obvious question is this, how does this truth show itself in your life? How does the expression of love show itself to be a more excellent way than other ways? Has it ever helped to backbite and blow off steam? Or, rather, was it better to hold your tongue and pray for understanding, insight, and a greater perspective about a situation before you spoke? Of course love is the more excellent way.

Spend time in the Word to understand exactly what it means to love. Find ways throughout your day to show that love is genuinely the more excellent way. Work first on love, then work on other things.

Start with love, because it is the more excellent way.

55-1009 - “Way to Have Fellowship”

I'd rather have a church... Listen, just a moment. I would rather have a church that knows nothing about any spiritual gift, and just be so in love with each other and with Christ, I'd rather have that than every spiritual gift operating in the church. Now, that might sound hard in a Pentecostal group, but I would rather have it. Where there is gifts, they'll fail. Where there is gifts, they'll bring confusion. Where there is gifts, they can be questioned. But where there is love, it is perfect. That's right. And if you had perfect love you'd have perfect gifts. That's right. So work first with love. That brings fellowship, and fellowship brings gifts.

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Jeremiah 49-50