Romans 13:14

But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.

You probably don’t think twice about the fact that you put on clothes everyday. You might be really concerned about what brand of clothes you put on though, or how stylish they are. You might be concerned with making sure they are clean, they coordinate, and they look somewhat decent. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:25 not to be concerned about what you wear for outward clothes, but rather the Apostle Paul tells us to be very concerned about the spiritual clothes we wear.

The Greek word, enduo, is used in Romans 13 when Paul tells the Romans, “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.” The word literally means to array, clothe with, endue, and put on. We are to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. John MacAurther said about this verse, “That is really what a Christian is to be, one who is cloaked, who is clothed, who is garmented with the character, the disposition, the attitude, the habits and the virtues of Jesus Christ.”

This cloak is none other but the Lord Jesus Christ and His Spirit. We receive this cloak as a wedding garment as we enter the door to the wedding, and that door is Jesus Christ Himself and the shed blood of Calvary. It is the most beautiful formation of Scripture when this revelation becomes clear. We literally clothe ourselves in Jesus Christ and, thereby, have access into the wedding ceremony by invitation only.

Don’t be so much concerned about the outward clothes, they probably won’t fit in a few years anyway. Rather be concerned about the spiritual clothes, and put on Christ. I want to be clothed in His righteousness. I don’t want my works or my best efforts to encompass me, I want His Spirit and His shed blood to array me. Then, and only then, could I ever be able to walk through the gate to the wedding and feel welcome, because everyone else at that ceremony will be there only by His blood.

Make no provision for the flesh to be tossed about by Satan’s influence; put on Christ and be clothed with the Holy Spirit.

56-1125M - “A Secondhanded Robe”

Dear God, someday we got to come down. We can't present our good works; we have none. We can't present anything in the world. I don't even desire anything to try to present, but I trust wholly in the merits of Jesus. You accepted Him and raised Him from the dead. And He was brought into the Presence of God and there it will abide forever. And, God, I want to present that to You, that I believe on Him. And I love Him. And by grace He has clothed us with His robe. And I pray, Father, that You'll help us now in the days of battle. And where the man of God must do the works of God, I pray that You'll let us take the robe of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and call for the God Who lived in Him. Grant it. In Christ's Name we ask it.

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