Psalm 100:3

"Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture."

When we get up in the morning in our homes, fix our breakfast, drive our cars to work, work at our jobs, and come home to our families, we tend to forget that what is “ours” is actually God’s. David gives us a good reminder in Psalm 100:3, that He is the Lord God of heaven and earth, and we are simply His people.

It is so easy in this culture to get caught up with what we want and where we are headed that we tend to forget the fact that we are sheep. Sheep are pretty fascinating creatures. The most amazing trait is how vulnerable they are. Sheep have no defense mechanism, no fangs, no claws, nor any fast running skills. They simply exist under the protection of their watchman. Sheep have to be led.

As the Believer, you are a sheep under the watchful eyes of your Shepherd, Christ. He watches over you because you are a sheep in His pasture. Never forget that. Don’t overlook the fact that you are a simple sheep with the Lord God as your watchman. He keeps you, watches over you, and will protect you. He doesn’t want you to go down a wrong path, but by His mercy will guide you right back to where you need to be.

We find our way back to where we need to be and we abide in His field by the tender hand of Jehovah. Remember throughout your day, you are a sheep of His pasture, and He will never leave you nor forsake you.


60-0805 - “Lamb And Dove”

Now, I've often wondered why God ever represented us as lambs. We are the sheep of His pasture. If you notice, a lamb is one of the most unusual animals. That lamb cannot find his way back when he's lost. I've raised sheep. And let a sheep get lost, he will stand there and bleat till he dies. He cannot find his way back. He's got to have the shepherd to lead him back. And we will never find our way back through any other way but though the Shepherd. The human race lost, it needs to be shepherded back. We cannot find our way back through educational programs. We could not find our way back through science. We could not find our way back through religions. There's only one way back and that's by the Shepherd.

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