Romans 12:2
“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Brother Branham preached two sermons in 1965 entitled, “God’s Power to Transform” and “The Power of Transformation,” where he used this Scripture in Romans as his text. These are very important sermons to the Believer because they bring out several things that we go through on a daily basis that, if followed correctly, will show us the perfect will of God for our lives. The Apostle Paul writes to the Romans the key to finding and proving the perfect will of God.

The first statement warns us that, first and foremost, there is a world - a cosmos - that is different from God’s order, and they will constantly be against each other. It has separated itself from God and it is a world that encroaches on the Believer from the outside-inward. Because it surrounds you and pushes from the outside-in, do not be conformed to it. Take a step back for a second and examine if the perverted world is affecting your habits and behavior more than it should.

The Greek word used to be “conformed” is “uschématizó”, which means to be fashioned after or to behave with socially acceptable behavior. Conformed is not representative of the inner person, but conformed is putting on of the world, of the outward flesh. Don’t let the world conform you in an outward fashion with its perverted and deceitful ways. Go inward and allow the Lord to search you, so that what lies on the inside grows so vast that it completely overtakes the outside.

Step one in achieving the perfect will of God is to not be conformed to the world, which presses in from the outside. Let your thinking be changed, your ideology be changed, surrender it to Him. Push it back and say, “Get thee behind me Satan, you shall not prevail”.
Don’t be conformed, push it back.

65-1031M - “Power Of Transformation”
Now that's what I'm trying to warn you all here about. When you see God's Seed begin to take hold, to grow, watch out for that fellow coming in just as slick as he can be, quote Scripture just to who wouldn't have it, see. Watch him, 'cause he is a deceiver. I'm going to call it, instead of a—a conformer, being conformed, he is a deformer, deforming the things that's been conformed. He is a deformer, and, he, a deformer, or a perverter, or a corrupter of the original Seed and the original program.

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