I John 2:6

He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

Be yourself.

So much of the world is caught up in looking like somebody else and acting like somebody else that there is very little that is real anymore. Young people are maturing at a much slower rate than in times past because society sends mixed messages about what they should become. Pleasure now and work later seems to prevail in the mind of society.

What is the real you? If you say you are a Christian, a Believer, then be that. Let Christ shine through if Christ is in you. Don’t act like one if you are not though, that will only lead to broken friendships and shame. If you need help, admit it. If you have a temper, admit it. If you are discouraged, admit it. If you need answers, then ask the questions. Don’t try to be some great big somebody and miss out on being who God made you to be.

Just be what you are, and live for Christ the best you know how. God will mold you and shape you in His time. He will bring you to the person you need to be. Just be who you are in the Grace of God.

55-1111 - “Where I Think Pentecost Failed”

If everybody… I tell you what I like. I like people to be original. I don't like people to impersonate someone else, do you? I like… There's so much of that today in the world: actors. You know the word "Pharisee" means "actor." And we got so many actors today, that people trying to act like somebody else, trying to impersonate somebody else. People would love you a lot better if you'd just be yourself. They'd know more how to take you. God hasten the day that when men and women will be just what they are. If I was against Christ, I'd be here tonight speaking against Him. I would have no time for Him. Then I'd be lecturing against Him. But being that I love Him and I believe in Him, that's why I'm here trying to get everybody to believe Him because I believe Him.

And therefore, when people claim to be Christians, or impersonate Christianity, or try to act like they're a Christian, when down in their heart they don't have the peace of God, you only become an actor. And, you know, people really know that. Your neighbor knows that you're just acting that way. Certainly. She see you get mad, and fly loose, and beat the dog around the house, and holler at your husband, and scat him under the bed when he comes in. And you do the same to… Why, they know that's not Christianity acting. Certainly.

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