Proverbs 20:27
“The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.”

I am sure that to many around him, the Apostle Paul’s methods of spreading and sharing the Gospel seemed unorthodox at the least. With the anointing of a lion, he charged forth into many places around Asia Minor and spread the Gospel in the power of the revelation that God had given him. It was in his unique way that the Lord spread the Word to the first church. Even though it was unorthodox, it was God’s plan.

Sometimes you have to step back and look at a person’s spirit and actions to see what is really on the inside of them. King Solomon writes that the spirit of a man, or the words that a person speaks from their heart, is actually what is really on the inside of them. This spirit of a man is God’s lamp that shines into the inward parts. We can use this lamp to discern what somebody is all about on the inside. We must use discernment to see what is really in somebody's heart. God gave us this tool to know about those who labor among us (Ⅰ Thessalonians 5:12).

But if someone seems a little odd or they seem a little different, don’t discount them right away. See what they are all about. Perhaps they are spreading the Gospel a little differently than you think it should be done. Perhaps they are worshiping a little differently than you think they should. As long as they are not contrary to the Word, then just sit back and watch for a while, see what God does with them. Perhaps God wants to do a great work through them. By criticizing them or putting them down, you could be putting down the very work of God.

God will bring you around to the Truth if you stick with the Word. Don’t get away from it, just stay right true to the Word and watch what God will do through you.

60-0308 - “Discernment Of Spirit”
That's where we must discern today, the spirit of a man. What's he trying to do? What's he getting at? Not what group he belongs to, or what this, that, or the other, whether he's a white man, black man, yellow man, or whatever he is. Let's see what he's trying to achieve, and take that: see what he's trying to do for the Kingdom of God. If he's got odd ideas to ours, that's perfectly all right if he's trying to achieve something for the Kingdom of God. Discern that in him. If he's wrong, and true in heart, God will bring him around to the truth of the thing after while. Let him alone; let him alone; see what he's trying to do.

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