II Timothy 2:3
“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”

On a day to day basis you might not feel like you are a veteran soldier in the Lord's army. Every Christian fights the enemy day to day, although some days are obviously harder than others. Sometimes the enemy throws big blows and other times he pushes mind battles on a constant basis, but he is always attacking and encroaching on your land.

In Matthew 24:13 Jesus tells us that He who endures to the end, the same shall be saved. It is the one who pushes through and endures hardness that Jesus Christ counts as a good soldier. That kind of soldier is ever aware of their inadequacy and actually uses that to their advantage. They surrender their weaknesses to the Lord and allow Him the opportunity for His glory to shine through them.

What kind of soldier are you? Do you try to override the power of God in your life, or let the power of God be made known through your life? Stay in the Word and carry out the Word by staying in the truth. It was the truth that set you free. So endure hardness saints, as a good veteran soldier of Christ.

63-1226 - “Church Order”
And remember, God is looking to me to see that I stay in the Word. And I'm looking to you to see that you carry out the Word, see, see, in this church. And keep it spiritual, for, remember, all the forces of—of the dark kingdom of Satan will be turned against you as you begin to grow in the Lord. And you must be soldiers, not just fresh recruits. You're aged soldiers now, and been trained to fight. And Satan will come among you, cause you to dispute with one another if he can. Turn him down just immediately; you're brethren; and it's the enemy. And we're here to hold a standard in this evening Light time, that, when the world is darkened and the whole church kingdom is going into the Council of Churches. And pretty soon they'll try to tack a sign on this door here, "Closed!" And then we're going to have to meet other places, 'cause they'll certainly close these churches one of these days if we don't take the mark of the beast. And we're depending on staying true to God till death sets us free, and that's what we intend to do.

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