Job 42:5

I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.

We hear a lot of things throughout our lives. Some we hear more often than others and they become ingrained into the recesses of our minds. Simple things like, “Clean your room” or “Brush your teeth” become situated in our mind when we are young, and when we become older, we naturally begin to do them.

The danger of this is when we hear some messages so much they become common to us. We live in the commonality of the Message so much that we lose the reality of it. I believe this can happen in our spiritual walks. We go to church so often and dwell in the Word so much that sometimes it can become common. We can sometimes even begin to lose the grip on the reality of God in our lives and what He does for us on a daily basis. We then have the danger of just becoming hearers.

Job had heard about God all his life, and yet God considered him a perfect man. It wasn’t until God brought Him through a gigantically trying circumstance that God became more real to Job, and he could say, “Now I have seen you for who you really are.”

Take the time to see God making Himself known in your life. Don’t allow the Word to become common to you. Don’t just hear, but open your eyes to see what God is doing in your local assembly, to Believers all around the world. God is making Himself known to His Bride; let God open your eyes to see.

65-1127E - “I Have Heard But Now I See”

Oh, don't you love Him? Ah, how wonderful. "I have heard of Thee, Lord, with my ear, and faith cometh by hearing; but now I see Thee, God making Himself known among His people like He did to Abraham, by His promise here that the Son of man would reveal Himself in the days that the world become in a Sodom condition."

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