Psalm 116:8-9
“For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.”
Christ is the only One that can deliver your soul from death. He is the One that can wipe away the tears from your eyes, and never cry again. He is the only One that will keep your feet from falling and make your paths straight. He has given us so much to be thankful for. So then, what can you do for Him? You must walk in His presence and keep His Word as the center of your life. He simply wants you to be a vessel of honor that He can use for His pleasure and will.

Sometimes we can try to entice God. We try to entice Him by the way we are acting in Church. By our good behavior, we may feel like we have drawn God closer; and in doing so, we are in danger of a prideful and arrogant attitude. Should we have good works? Of course. Our works express who we really are. To obey the Word is better than great sacrifice. But we also must make sure our motives are right in obeying. If we don’t have a TV in our home, and then develop pride and arrogance against those who do, we have undone the good. Better to stay away from wrong things because you know it would displease God, than to stay away from them to entice God. God is not impressed with wrong motives or good intentions. God is enticed by a sold-out Christian, living for Jesus Christ.

He is the One who delivers us, so we should live in the freedom of His mercy, and not do things with a wrong motive. He is the One who wipes all tears away, so let us rejoice in the joy of the Lord. He is the One that establishes our paths, so let us walk with Him in the goodness of His grace. Let us not entice God by the way we dress, or talk, or the things we do.

Catch God’s attention by walking in His presence, having an attitude of humility and thanksgiving. That is the kind of Believer by which He is enticed. Walk in the presence of God in this present world. Walk as an old-fashioned born again Christian.

50-0716 - “Believest Thou This?”
Then here… Look at Gabriel. Comes down from the heaven by the command of God. All those many girls around through there, probably with manicured hair, what you call it, and all that kind of stuff, around like they have. I said the wrong word, but… I don't know about how they do it. But you know… But He came to a simple, plain, humble believer. Hallelujah! That's the way He does today, too. You don't entice God by the way you dress. You entice God by the way you live, and think, and act. God help us to get back to the old fashioned Holy Ghost Gospel. I believe in it, don't you? Old-time, backwoods, sky-blue, sin-killing religion. That's right. It'll help you. It'll save you.

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