Ecclesiastes 3:1

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.

King Solomon writes to us, “there is a season for everything in life.” There is a time and place for everything that happens. Nothing is by chance with God. Everything is purposed and planned, and His seasons perfectly align according to His foreordained will.

Our job is to recognize what season God has us in and fulfill our purpose for that season. Our motives and objectives may be as good as they can possibly be, but unless it is God’s season, it will not work. Brother Branham uses the story of David trying to bring the Ark of the Covenant back into Jerusalem in I Chronicles 13 as a description of what it is to try to do something right, but it not being God’s season.

God has a specific time for you to accomplish everything in your life. The way to find out about this is to seek the Lord. David should have sought the Lord first, but instead he sought the counsel of those around him first. Always seek God first through prayer, reading the Word, and fasting, if necessary. He will answer you in His time, so you must wait; and when He does answer, it will be in His season, according to His will.

Are you seeking the Lord to find His will? Or are you looking in the wrong places and purely relying on the counsel of those around you? Remember, the Scripture encourages us to seek Godly counsel, but God will bring that counsel to you if you first seek Him about the season you are in.

Recognize what the perfect will of God is for you in your life by waiting on the Lord and seeking His leading.

65-0718M - “Trying To Do God A Service Without Being The Will Of God”

Even all the people agreed, and the priests, and that the king was right, "They needed the ark back in the city. Now, they needed the Presence of God. They needed a revival." But God had not promised to reveal His Word, in Its season, to the peoples. He never promised to reveal It to the king, in the season. God doesn't change, a bit. He didn't promise to do that. 54 No matter how sincere, and what good motives, and what good objectives, and how people want those things and see the need of it, there is a will of God to be carried out in these things. That's what I want to drive down tight, for I want to make this so that you have to see it if—if the Spirit of God dwells in you. And that's the reason I'm lingering so long here. Not taking you people's time on the telephone, and on the hookup, but I—I want you to see it. If you run out of time, then get the tape. That there…

No matter how much it's needed, how much everybody agrees that it's needed, how much that that is the Truth, there is yet one thing to find out. Is that the will of God?

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