Psalms 138:8

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.

You may sometimes feel so far away from what you were meant to do in life. Have you ever felt like there is another you out there somewhere, doing what fulfills them and what makes them happy, and you missed out on being that person? That is a normal feeling that everybody experiences.

You can rest assured of one thing: a born again, elected seed of God is never void of purpose. In fact, if your whole life was in the mind of God from before the time you were created, then simply existing is for the purpose of being God’s cure for His own loneliness. You are God’s answer to His being lonely. But God has so much more for you in this life.

Where you are in life is simply a season of time. The seed of any plant goes through certain seasons of growth to come to maturity. Recognize what season you are in, seek God about what He wants to accomplish in you in that season, and recognize that it is the Grace of God that brought you from where you were to where you are right now.

God’s purpose is always being worked out, each day of your life. Don’t think you spend idle time doing nothing as a Believer. God is always working. He won’t forsake you, because you are the work of His hands.

65-0221E - “Who Is This Melchisedec?”

Being Eternal with Him, at the beginning… The Eternal Life that you had, His thought of what you was, only, He wanted you to… He wanted me to stand in the pulpit, say. He wanted you to set in the seat tonight. Then we are serving His Eternal purpose. And the one that left home, only come to the earth to serve His purpose. Is that right? All right. Then, after it's finished, it's brought back in a glorified state; it's matured and brought back again.

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