Revelations 12:11
“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Jesus said in Matthew 24:13, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” In Revelation, it goes a little bit further and says, “They overcame.” Overcoming goes deeper than enduring. Overcoming is succeeding over your enemy and prevailing in triumph, when enduring is simply going the distance. What will your testimony be?

Satan is the one that “they” overcome, and Satan is your foe too. Through the power of the cross and through the blood of the Lamb, we have overcome Satan.  He lost his greatest weapon at the cross, which is death. By the word of their testimony and by the blood, we overcome satan. We endure hardship and we endure trials that come, but we have overcome because of Calvary’s cross. What we are doing when we endure is building our testimony.

Noah, when they received the Word of God to build the ark, built through criticism and all kinds of trouble. What they were doing was building their testimony. Your testimony is how you continue in His Word, even through the difficult times. However, your testimony is not in talent or ability, it is in the blood of Jesus Christ. He is your testimony; because He held on to the cross, we can live today free from sin. He is our testimony, and we overcome and endure by His shed blood.

When all is said and done, what will your testimony be?

56-0108 - “God Hath A Provided Way”
Now, Noah went out there and begin to build away on an ark. God’s goodness to him; He said, “Now, Noah, there is fixing to come some trouble. And all that’s not in this ark is going to drown, so you get ready and get in this ark, and get your family in there. Tell everybody. Everybody is welcome to come, but I’m sure they won’t do it. But you just—you just make—make a preparation for them, anyhow. And here is the ark, and you make this ark. And everybody that wants to come in, can come in and be saved.” So Noah went away, building away. Like you are, today, building away on your testimony. You are building a spiritual ark, for the saving of your own soul, for your testimony, and for God’s glory.

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