Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith has to have trust behind it.  Trust and faith are not the same thing, but they go hand in hand. Trust in God is a consequence of your faith in Christ.

It is just like the story that is told of a little boy who must trust his father to catch him when he has to jump from a burning building. He has  always said he has faith in his father, and he has always believed his father would catch him in a situation like this. When the house really did catch on fire and the situation presented itself, then came the time to jump into his father’s arms and trust he really would catch him. The boy's faith in his father’s ability and willingness to catch him was put the test. His faith was made a reality by his trust in his father as he jumped from that window, and his father caught him and gently set him down, safe from the fire.

Faith is only mental conception of something; it is only a potential until it's made real to you. God is in the business of making Himself a reality to the one He loves, and that is you. He loves you and wants to make Himself real to you. Your faith is the very reality of His presence in your life. It is the evidence of that reality.

Do you really trust Him? Do you really trust in His ability to catch you as you are falling? Don’t rely on a mental conception of faith, but let your faith be made real to you by spending time with God and walking in the power of His Spirit.

The best way to allow your faith to become a reality is to trust Him and keep moving forward. He will do it. Do you trust Him?

55-0606 - “The Waters Of Separation”

So that's what's the matter with people today. You come to the church, the water of separation (That's all right.), hear the Word (That's very good.); you get separated from your sin; but you go out with an intellectual faith. That's the reason you can't believe. That's the reason you go back out and sin the way you do, the reason you can't hold up from one revival to another. If you'd let that intellectual faith move down through your brains into your heart, then it becomes a reality with a new birth. Then it'll stay there, anchored forever. God sealed you in by the Holy Spirit, and it settles it forever.

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