Proverbs 25:28

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

A man who has no control over his own spirit is like a city without walls. A city without walls has no defense and is completely vulnerable to the enemy. When you have no self-control and temperance you have no defense against the enemy.

Read what Dietrich Bonhoeffer writes in his work, The Cost of Discipleship: “The real difference in the believer who follows Christ and has mortified his will and died after the old man in Christ, is that he is more clearly aware than other men of the rebelliousness and perennial pride of the flesh, he is conscious of his sloth and self-indulgence and knows that his arrogance must be eradicated. Hence there is a need for daily self-discipline.”

As a Believer, we know that we will never be born again of the flesh. It is because our souls have been sealed with the Spirit of God that we can overcome the flesh through the power of God. There is a need for constant discipline and self-control over the flesh. It is a constant wrongdoer, but in Christ we have the power to allow the Holy Spirit to act through us and display Himself in us.  

Discipline yourself to bring every thought, every glance, every action, and every heartbeat into subjection of the Holy Spirit. We act on the basis of the Word of God, not our own flesh.

Bring yourself under the subjection of the Word. If you do this you will have a strong tower rising high above the enemy's grasp.

51-0509 - "Testimony"

And now while we're here together, and all of us longing the same thing, make us true stewards. May we shape our lives by self control, that we'll know by the help of the Holy Spirit to have a full confidence that Jesus will say, "Well done, My good and faithful servant." at that day.

46  May we be upright, honest and true. May we be the kind of a Christian that would be a credit to any community. Grant it, Lord. May we be men and women such as You could lay Your hands upon and say, "My servant. Behold, this is My servant in whom I am delighted. I can send them; they'll go. They know how to speak and when to speak. And I can be with them." O Father, grant that blessing to every one of us.

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