Psalm 139:14

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

Ever feel like you are out of place in God’s plan? You might think sometimes that God made a few mistakes as He was forming your image in His mind, but this is a lie from the devil. This is a feeling and thought that should be ushered out of your mind as soon as the devil brings it in.

In every age there is an anointing that comes from the Messenger of that age. It is not the flesh of the man, but the power of God who anoints His chosen for that age and works through him to accomplish the plan of God. It is the exact same for those underneath the same anointing in the age. All who are under the anointing of their age and abiding in the Word will accomplish everything God has for them. If you align this thought with what David says here in Psalm 139, you can see that you were fearfully and wonderfully made to be in the age that you are in now.

God purposed you to live in this day and time.. Everything about you was designed and handcrafted in the mind of God, even from your looks and your temperament, you are precious in His sight. He molds you and shapes you like a goldsmith shapes and purifies the gold he works with. A goldsmith takes something precious and brings out all the beauty and potential inside the material. God made you into something precious in His sight, and through our time in this age He is bringing out the beauty He already placed within us.

You were made for this church age to fulfill all God promised you. You were hand crafted for this day and time. You are precious in His sight, don’t ever forget that. You are marvelous in His sight.

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages - Chapter Three - The Ephesian Church Age

But not only is the candlestick of gold, it is of BEATEN gold. Hand-crafted of beaten gold, according to her blue prints which were Spirit-given. Outside of her Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, was ever a people so beaten and purged as the bride of Jesus Christ? Surely she is filling up the sufferings that Christ has left behind. Her goods are despoiled. Her life is in jeopardy. She is accounted as sheep for the slaughter. She is killed all the day long. She suffers much, but in it all retaliates not, neither does she cause others to suffer. Worthy of the Gospel is this lovely bride of Christ. And as gold is malleable, whereas brass will break with the beating, this gold of God will bear her suffering for the Lord, not bowed, not broken, not destroyed, but formed as a thing of beauty and a joy forever by the trials and testings of this life.

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