Psalm 103:13

Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him.

This weekend is the time when we celebrate our birth fathers’ lives. We celebrate their toil and labor to support their families, their love for their children and wives, and their great significance to their families. If you have a loving father who is living you should say thank you to him and tell him you love him. There are too many people who have grown up without a father and don’t have the blessing of being able to tell their father, Happy Father’s Day.

When I was very young we used to participate in horse shows in our local 4-H club. These horse shows consisted of horse showmanship, barrel racing, and riding competitions. There was one young man in the group who participated in all the shows that he could. His name was Danny and he had been born with Down’s Syndrome.

Due to his condition he couldn’t ride the horse by himself, but he absolutely loved riding in these shows. Because he couldn’t do it by himself, his father would dress Danny up, put the boy on the saddle, and grab the reigns. When the announcer called his name the father would lead the horse around the track, running and stopping as was predetermined in the competition. Danny would yell with excitement the entire time. Danny loved being in these shows so much and his father was willing to look ridiculous running around the track leading this horse in front of everyone, with Danny yelling the whole time. There was never a person in the onlooking crowd who wouldn’t be in tears.

After the show was over Danny would always get a special ribbon while standing proudly with his big smile, cowboy hat, and polished boots. At the same time his father would be in the trailer mucking the stall, brushing down the horse, and cleaning the saddle getting ready to leave, always without any recognition at all. Danny’s father is what I would call a real daddy.

If you have a father, tell him how much you are thankful for him. There is no broken relationship that cannot be mended. There is no strong relationship that cannot be made stronger. If your father has passed on, thank God for his part in your life. If you are a father or will become one soon, strive to be like Danny’s dad.

57-0630 - “Thirsting For Life”

But listen, a real daddy will be honest with his children. If he has to whip them sometime, he's—he's a real daddy. Yes, sir, a real dad will correct his children. And, friends, I want to tell you; don't you never try to get to Heaven outside of that deep longing and love of God in your heart. If you haven't come acquainted with that great fountain that I spoke of at the beginning, where God gushes forth… Now, he perverts that. You see. As it comes forth, Satan perverts it, say, "Oh, well, this, and this, and this." Be careful; it's got to be genuine.

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