Psalm 130:5

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.

If you have ever been to a large city you have experienced the constant rush that ensues everyday. There is the morning rush, the lunch and afternoon rush, and then rush hour itself. Everyone rushes to get where they want to go, usually only to sit and wait for whatever they rushed to get. Consistently throughout Scripture we are told not to rush ahead with important things in our lives, but to learn to wait on the Lord.

In Acts 16 we find the Apostle Paul and Silas were in a certain city preaching. Everyday there was a young girl who was possessed with a fortune telling spirit who would come to them and call on them. She would yell day after day, “These men serve the most High God.” Paul never addressed the girl right away, but he waited on God. He waited on the Holy Spirit to move him to address the situation. After many days he, being grieved, turned and cast the spirit out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we have the temptation just to rush ahead of God and do what we think best. King David writes that his whole entire being waited on God. He waited on God for direction, for guidance, for deliverance, and for answers. In everything David waited on the Word of the Lord. His hope in God’s Word gave him the strength to keep waiting through the tough times.

Are you waiting on God or rushing ahead of Him? Wait on the Lord in all things, seek His guidance. If there is something wrong in your life and He is not answering, make it right and keep seeking Him. Let your entire being wait on the Lord.

63-0717 - “A Prisoner”

One day, Paul and Silas, coming down the street in a certain city where they was holding a revival. And a little, demon-possessed girl kept following him, crying out after him. And no doubt but what Paul knowed that he had the authority, as an apostle, to rebuke that evil spirit out of that woman. But did you notice? He waited, day after day, until, all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit spoke to him, said, "This is the hour." Then he said, "Thou spirit, come out of her." See? He knowed to wait on the Lord.

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