Psalm 119:147
“I prevented the dawning of the morning, and cried: I hoped in thy word.”

Ask yourself this question, “Am I making the most of each day?” You may have a thousand things to do and feel like you only get one of them done. You may have kids who need to be in five different directions and only have time for one. But more important than just being effective and accomplishing things, are you making the most of every day? Making the most of every day means enjoying what God has given you to do today, doing it well, and doing it for His glory.

As Believers, we should take advantage of every day that we live. Each new day Christ’s mercies are brand new, and we can be full of hope and faith. We can be happy knowing that when this day passes, eternity awaits us and is closer still. Every day is a gift from the Lord and we should use it to His glory.

The first way to make your day effective is to get up early. Some of us are prone to stay in bed until right before we have to leave for work, and although that is just perfectly fine, it isn’t effective. King David said, “I prevented the dawn”, meaning he arose before the sun broke and cried out to the Lord in prayer. He knew that he would only have one shot at that day, so he got up early and prepared himself for it. He waited on the Lord and for His Word to come close. He made the most of that day. It wasn’t just that he got up early, it’s that he got up early with a purpose.

You may not be a morning person; that is okay. No one is saying it is easy, but work on the discipline of rising early. Rise up with a purpose, don’t let the devil hit you with something as soon as you wake. Rise with purpose. It will change your perspective on the day and make you more effective. The first step to making the most of every day: rising early.

50-0821 - “The Angel And The Commission”
Nighttime, when all demon powers shut down towards morning. When they're not roaming, that's the time the Holy Spirit moves in and talks to me. Go early if you want to pray; rise up early. Most all the…?… workers is gone…?… demons… demons… And places are closing up. That causes strange things… You know what I mean by that.

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