Mark 11:24
“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Too often our prayer lives become a ritual and we do them out of habit, instead of meaningfully speaking with our Savior.  Charles Spurgeon stated in his sermon, True Prayer-True Power, “Do you not sometimes fall on your knees without thinking beforehand what you intend to ask God for? You do so as a matter of habit, without any motion of your heart.” We become slothful in our prayers and simply begin to mouth the many things that burden our minds, instead of genuinely bringing our requests before the throne of Grace. This oftentimes gets us nowhere in the presence of God.

We desire certain things as human beings, even as Christians. We want to see God move concerning certain things and we want to overcome certain things, but there are some things we must have. We must have purpose when we pray, we must have desperation for the “object” we are praying about, and we must trust God completely.

Having purpose means we single in on that person or thing and we have the right motive about it. Then we must be sincere and desperate for God to have His own way in the matter. Desperation brings God on the scene. Most importantly, we should trust God with the situation. When we pray, we give it into His hands, and we must trust that He will work in His own way. Leave it in His hands, believing that we shall have what we ask for.

What is your prayer life like? Are you really praying the right way? Perhaps you need to recheck your practice of kneeology. Prayer is one of the most glorious experiences, so go and pray with the Lord, and pour your heart out to Him. He wants to hear from you.

50-0716 - “Believest Thou This?”
I'd rather have a man that didn't know split beans from coffee, and knowed God in His heart to deal with my people, than I would some man with enough education to choke a mule, and know nothing about God. That's right. God bless your heart, brother. An old fashion sassafras experience, what we need today. We don't want to know "genealogy," you need a little "kneeanology." That's what man needs today. Back to God; back to the prayer life where…?… speaking out. Pray, hold on to God till it comes to pass. God will do it. Hallelujah!

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