Colossians 4:14
“Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas, greet you.”

A young man diagnosed with cancer was given only a few months to live. Being a solid Christian, he trusted God’s hand was upon the situation. Healing never came and months later he passed away. The Lord decided to take him home, even though we may never understand why. Would it have been better for him to have nothing to do with the doctor or the hospital at all and say, “The Lord will heal me,” or should he have graciously accepted whatever help he could from the hospital and commit the healing to God? If he had not accepted the help, he would have lived out the rest of his days in excruciating pain.

Sadly, there are many who still believe a Christian has no place in a doctor's office or hospital. Others just complain about how much they charge or how badly doctors treat them.  But if God was against doctors or medical care, then I don’t think Paul would have hung around a doctor like Luke. Doctors and hospitals are sent of God to help all of His children relieve their pain and suffering. When our reliance on doctors or pharmaceuticals interrupts our sense of faith, then it becomes a problem.

Brother Branham preached in the sermon, “Expectations And Leadings Of The Spirit” in 1957, “I constantly pray for them, that God will give them knowledge to help poor suffering humanity.” Physicians offer no supernatural ability, but they aid the body’s  ability to heal itself. When their knowledge and ability stops, that is when God shows Himself our healer. When we say, “We don’t need doctors,” then we spit in the face of a blessing from God.

Pray for your doctor, pray for your dentist, and don’t complain about how much you pay them; but put your faith in God so that He will use them to help you.

62-1111E - “Why I'm Against Organized Religion”
And I have—I have high regards for medical profession, surgery and so forth, who—who with the talents that God has given them to do certain things to the body, to operate and remove teeth that’s got bad, and so forth. I appreciate that. But there comes a time when they are beyond their—their knowledge, they—they don’t know what to do. See? And I think, then, we have a perfect right, as we would in the natural, if we went to our family doctor, maybe a—a doctor out in the country, some good old doctor that pack a lantern and walk through the field of a night, to find you, to doctor with you. And if he fails to know, he’ll go to someone just a little bit higher than he is. He’ll send you to a specialist. And now if the specialist don’t know, I—I’m glad we got another resource, the great Physician.

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