Luke 6:31 

And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

In 1961, in the sermon “Uncertain Sound”, Brother Branham said, “And the people are… Down the street, there seems to be so much anxiety, and rush just as hard as they can, till they don't have courtesy even, one for the other. And I've noticed it amongst all people.” If you have ever traveled in an airport, you will have seen violations of the Golden Rule every five yards. So many people, rushing to and fro so fast, it seems there is no time for treating men like you want to be treated.

Really stop and ask yourself the question, do you treat those around you like you want to be treated? No one is ever too busy to apply this Godly principle, so examine your ways for a moment. Think about your spouse first, then your children, your family and coworkers. Sometimes as Believers, we can think  that we have the Golden Rule naturally applied at all times throughout our day. If we really stop and think about it though, the application of the Golden Rule takes the grace of God in our lives, to practice it on a daily basis.

The Golden Rule should become a natural way of acting for the Believer. It is not just a good principle; it is so much more than that. When you live by the Golden Rule, you are displaying the very nature of Christ in front of those around you. You display courtesy, kindness, and the love of God toward that person and this will cause them to see Christ living through you.

The most important thing you need to remember about it, however, is that anybody can practice the Golden Rule, but you will never be able to keep it perfectly in action. Although it should be practiced and be a natural action for a Believer, we are in sin-born bodies. If we could have kept this principle all the time in our own strength, we would have had no need of the blood of Jesus.

So give yourself some grace, but start to practice the Golden Rule. Start with your family. Think about it throughout the day, and put it in place by the power of the Holy Spirit. Allow the Lord to operate and just get out of His way.

Are you really treating others as you want to be treated?

62-0119 - “An Ensign”

If you tried to achieve, say, "Now, Brother Branham, now just a moment. I keep the golden rule." Brother, if that would have stood, Jesus would have not had to die. Say, "Brother Branham, I become a member of a very prominent church."
That's all right, my brother. I appreciate that, and I appreciate you keeping the golden rule. I appreciate you keeping the ten commandments. But if the golden rule, a church-joining, or any of those things, would have saved you, Jesus died in vain. Jesus said, Himself, in Saint John, 3rd chapter, "Except a man be born again, he will in no wise enter in."

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