James 1:3

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

Your faith is the substance of the things you hope for. It is the very evidence of the things that are unseen by you, as of yet. Blessed are those who have not seen God in a visible form and yet they still believe Him. Your faith in the Lord is the very evidence that He is there. There is one thing you can be very sure about, however, and that is that God will test your profession of faith.

It is not enough to God that you simply say, “I believe.” James says that even demons believe that God is the Lord of heaven and earth (James 2:19). There has to be a testing and trial period of your profession and your belief. That testing period is called life.

Real genuine and strong faith will stand in the face of any opposition. Whatever the circumstances may be or the symptoms may be, a faith from God will stand the test. Is your faith standing the test that God is sending? Is the trying of your faith building and molding patience within you?

When God sends the trials and the hardships along life’s road, you have the choice to run and hide and try to escape them or stand in faith and fight a good fight. So often we run and hide, even though we know the right thing to do. God can’t use someone who is afraid to hold up their shield of faith against the enemy.

Are you standing in faith? Are you certain of your faith and standing the tests and the trials of life like a real rugged Christian? When patience has had its final work and all has been completed in life you will be perfect, lacking nothing. Let the trying of your faith continue to build patience within you. 

59-0125 - “Be Certain of God”

You know, He loves to test us. He loves to see the reaction of your faith. Did you know that? God likes to see how you’ll react. When you say, “Oh Lord, I believe You; thou art my Savior. I believe that You are Healer; I believe that you are the one who gives the Holy Spirit; and the things that I am requiring, You and the God who gives that!” And then when you confess all your sins and promise God what you’ll do if He’ll let you get well, and then because it don’t happen, you run off like a coward somewhere, God can’t use that. There’s no way for Him to use you. There’s no way for Him to answer you, because He only answered by faith. Then all of a sudden you go away and He can’t answer. But real true faith stands there, being sure that God is. Be certain that He is.

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Nehemiah 4-6