I Thessalonians 5:21

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

A.W. Pink, a Christian author and Godly man who lived in the 1930’s, wrote in his book An Exposition on the Hebrews:

“Never was there a time when true God-fearing Christians more needed to heed that Divine admonition, ‘Prove all things, hold fast that which is good’ (1 Thess. 5:21). Our only safeguard is to emulate the Bereans and search the Scriptures daily to ascertain whether or not the things we hear and read from men—be their reputation for scholarship, piety, and orthodoxy never so great—are according to the unerring Word of God. “

Someone once told me that Brother Branham said A.W. Pink had a solid revelation of God and Pink’s book, The Sovereignty of God, was kept by his bedside. This was written many years ago, but the truth of the phrase still rings true today. Never was there a time when we need to prove all things more than we do in this day and age.

Don’t just blindly accept something that the world hands you or that the religion of the world hands you. We are to put all things to the test of the Word of God and examine all things. After we have found that which is good, holy, and true, then we are to hold fast to it. Hold on to that which is good with all your might.

Many have put Brother Branham to the test and failed to test his message on the right basis. They look at the man instead of matching his message to the Word. We are to test all things by the Word of God. The Message of the Hour past the test because the Word foretold of it and it is vindicated by the Word. Hold fast to it.

How many things are in your life that you haven’t proven and tested? Is there entertainment in your home that has gone untested? Are there habits in your life that have gone unproven and are wrong? Test all things, and hold to that which is good.

64-0816 - “Proving His Word”

Now, it is possible that staunch Christians, fine people, hold sometimes, hold to the wrong thing, thinking it is right. But then these things should be proven, whether they are "right" or "wrong." And it's the duty of all of us, as we are expecting to go to Heaven when Jesus comes. And it's the minister's duty, when any question is brought up, that he solves this out, and then proves it before the people, that they might understand, because no one wants to be found "wrong," holding to the wrong thing. So we have a Scripture (and Jesus said, "all Scriptures must be fulfilled") that we should prove all things. And then, "hold fast," or, "hold tight, get a death-grip on it. And don't turn it loose, hold fast to that which is good."

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