Proverbs 18:10

The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

Life is a constant race; we race to keep ahead of the enemy and keep pressing toward the mark of the High Calling. Paul told the Hebrews, “Let us run with patience the race that is set before us” (Hebrews 12:1). Fortunately, as we race, we have a mighty strong tower that we can run right into and be sheltered from our enemy. Matthew Henry commented about this tower, “The righteous, by faith and prayer, devotion towards God and dependence on him, run into it, as their city of refuge.”

By faith, prayer, and devotion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can run the race set before us with safety. The name of the Lord is a strong and mighty tower. When the righteous saints seek refuge in the name of the Lord then they are safe under the power of His name. There is power in the name of Jesus Christ. They that gather in His name will be visited by Him.

You might feel tired from the storm or tired of being pursued by the enemy. Running a race of this importance is hard enough as it is, atop the difficulties this life presents to us. Rest assured God has a refuge for you to step into whenever the world seems to be catching up.

You need only to slip away and breathe His name, and He will surely meet you there. If you need refuge during your running of this race run into the strong tower of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, He is here to welcome you in.

62-0609E - “Letting Off The Pressure”

When you're just having joining a church, well, of course, you can build up a pressure. But when you have been born into the Kingdom of God, the pressure is gone. You see? Oh, yes. His Name is a tower, a great mighty tower of refuge. Such a tower that when we come into it, He gives us this assurance: "Ask the Father anything in this great Name of the tower, it'll be given to you." Watch it. Come into it. Be borned into it. Then ask the Father anything you want to in that Name, and watch Him honor it. What a consolation it is in this hour, that when the peoples of the world, church members, running from place to place trying to find a refuge… And they say… Well, this one will say, "Well, you have to recite our creed"; this one say, "You have to join our church." But for that believer who comes into Christ calmly, and receives the Holy Ghost, and watch the very promise of God be made manifest among them; they don't have to run from here to there. They can just let off the steam. That's right. Set down; it's all over, got it made then. Let off the pressure, because you don't have to go running from church to church any more because you are in it.

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