II Timothy 2:3 

Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

I find it fascinating that one of the major things the Apostle Paul tells his own “son in the faith”, young Timothy, was to endure hardship. So many parents want to shield their children from hardship and trials, but here Paul tells Timothy to simply, “endure hardness”. He tells him to do this because it is the duty of a good soldier of Jesus Christ to endure such hardship.

The term means, “to endure suffering and hard things together”. It means that you will first have suffering and many hard things to deal with, not only as a minister, but just by the fact that  you are a Believer. Second, it means that we do not have to bear these things completely alone; we have Christ by our side.

When you have a real, genuine experience with Christ, you have something that connects you to Christ. That connection with Christ will carry you through the toughest things you will have to face. Sometimes the things we face are difficult to endure; as is the case in personal trials, such as the passing of a family member, a relationship struggle, or a financial problem. Other times, we will endure persecution and struggle simply for being associated with the Truth, and working to spread the Truth. Your experience with God will carry you through whatever you have to face in this life.

Always remember, during the tough times, that you are a soldier in the Lord’s army, and this life that we have chosen to live for the Lord is a hard road. The only thing that will carry you through the hard things is a real trust, connection, and relationship with Christ Jesus.

So endure hardships, soldier. Christ is on your side.

63-0113M - “Letting Off Pressure”

And if they are born again, they cannot impersonate, because they were built for those things. They're born, regenerated, remolded; not just something that's patched up, and shook hands, and got emotion, and danced around the altar a few times, and says, "I got it." It's something that's been remolded, and regenerated, and become a new creature. Then it can stand the pressure of the persecution and the things that follows the spiritual life. You've got to be made and built to stand the pressure. And only one thing can do it. That's when you come into God's molding house, and be torn down and rebuilt, a new creature in Christ Jesus.

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