II Corinthians 2:17
“For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.”

Webster defined being sincere as “pure, unmixed, and being in reality what it appears to be.”  In his 1828 version of the American Dictionary, Webster further elaborates after the defintion, “no prayer can avail with a heart-searching God, unless it is sincere.” Sincerity is where hope and reality should meet. If you want something, and are sincere about it, then it should become a reality to you by your faith being put into action.

We must be sincere when we approach God. He knows when our approach and prayer are not pure and are mixed with our own thoughts or motives. Therefore we must approach Him in truth and sincerity, hold it before Him and let His perfect will be our guide. Sometimes we can get so caught up and controlled by fear and doubt, that we forget how to approach Him. We simply cannot accomplish anything with God when fear and doubt are in the way. When you get fear and doubt out of your way, that is when sincerity must take hold. Then you can approach God with your request.

The key to having sincerity is in its definition. You must approach the Lord after you have cast out fear and doubt; approach Him with honesty, with pure intentions, without hiding anything, free from wrong influences or secret desires. Approach Him with your appearance matching reality. If you are heartbroken, He knows. If you are hurt, He knows. If you are happy, He knows. If you are not where you should be, He knows. So be what you really are.

In the sight of God, be sincere.

60-1127M - “It Wasn't So From The Beginning”
We pray now for these hands that was raised up. God, this is the hour of sincerity. It's the hour when men looking upon the earth and fear upon them for the things that's coming. They don't want just something that's a fly-by-night. They want something solid. They want something that's real. And Father, when they see their life that they've been grafted in, they're not bearing the fruits, the signs of the first Vine isn't in them. They've raised their hands. "Lord, take away this, and let me come through the true Branch."

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