Proverbs 23:25 

Thy father and thy mother shall be glad, and she that bare thee shall rejoice.

There is one thing that all human beings have in common: we all have a mother and father. We all received life from our fathers and were shaped in our mother’s womb. Your mother was the first human you interacted with, as she carried you and you began to grow inside of her. She carried you, spoke to you, and cared for you. She gave so much of herself to give you life.

The Lord cares so much about this process that He chose to allow Jesus to come into the world with the same tender care and love that only a mother can give. He wanted Him to experience a mother's love and attention, even though He was begotten by the Holy Ghost and was completely God’s creation. This relationship between mother and son continued throughout Jesus’ life. Even from the cross, Jesus was concerned about His mother’s care.

Bro. Branham said in the sermon Mother’s Day in 1959, “But may this not just be a—a mother's day; may every day be so.” This is something we should take to heart. It should not be up to the world to determine when we “celebrate” our mothers’ lives and hard work to care for us. Respect and admiration for a mother’s position and efforts should be ingrained in each and every interaction we are blessed to have with them.

Your mother might not have been the image of motherhood that is painted here, but she still deserves the respect for giving you the life you have to live. Your mother might be your best friend; you should always let her know how much she means to you. Some mothers have gone on to be with the Lord and some are getting older; but all mothers, everywhere, deserve a special prayer today.

Cherish every interaction you have with your mother, and let every day be a Mother’s Day.. Thank the Lord for the one who gave you life, so that she can rejoice in the Lord for it.  

59-0510M - “Mother's Day”

Mother is so great. You know, the first one that receives you is—this life is your mother. No one can touch you, because you're conceived, and she bears you under her heart. And she is the first to know you, and the first to, in this life, to—to hold you. Then when you're born, she is the—one of the first hands that touch you and wipes back the tears out of your eye. She's the first one to pat you and to love you, and to coo over you, in this life, is your mother. Now, I think that there is not enough honor that we could give to a mother. Mother is first with the child, and she's a great responsibility of what that child will be, will be based upon the way that mother starts that child on the path that it must travel. Mother has the responsibility from God to place that child on the right road. And I think that's why mothers has a special little touch.

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