Proverbs 15:1 

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

The Sunday morning shuffle is where the enemy thrives. Everyone is rushing around in a last minute effort to jump in (or be thrown in) the vehicle on the way to the morning service. Emotions are running high and thin, attitudes are raging out of control, and in the back of everyone’s mind is that nagging feeling, “Am I going to get preached on for what I just did or said.”

The Scripture is very clear about what turns away wrath and what stirs up anger. The beauty of Solomon’s wisdom is that he defines no certain circumstance in which this applies; it is simply the truth. Regardless of where, when, or to whom, this principle is a characteristic of the Holy Spirit and will always prevail.

Sometimes you need to be stern, and perhaps a little aggressive, in certain situations. But the truth is that you always have the control over the atmosphere around you. You choose the attitude you take toward the circumstances around you, and your response to others’ actions.

Are you consistently creating the right atmosphere in your family?

54-0228A - “Expectation”

Now, my wife setting back here, she don't know this, but… She's supposed to be here somewhere. And you can imagine in our home about what takes place in a run of a day: people coming, going like that. And I go in sometimes, and the poor little fellow in there in the kitchen crying, not even a chance to cook the children anything to eat through the day. And—and there it is. And the little kiddie, the little girl about two years old, little Sarah, and Rebekah, and they're in there, and they're crying and going on. And my wife crying, she'd look up, she'd say, "Bill, I'm just about to go crazy. I just don't know what I'm going to do." She said, "I…" And gray-headed at thirty-four years old. And so I said, "Well now, that's right, honey."

60  I never—don't fuss at her. See? No. "That's—that's right, honey." See? "It's—it's very bad, but you see we're—we're serving the Lord, so we…" See, what I'm doing all the time in my heart, I am trying to create a different atmosphere. They're all nervous and they're tore up. See? Now, I was thinking in my heart, "O Lord, now send Your Presence and Your love to my poor little tore up wife." And I say, "Yes, dear. That's right." I say, "What was this here?" "Oh, we haven't had anything to eat and…" I say, "Well, there probably won't be anybody else in for next couple of hours. Let's get something to eat. And I'll help you." And I'll start getting up my sleeves. She'd say, "Now, look, young man, you might be able to help me wash dishes but you can't cook." I will say, "Who can't cook?" Like that, you know, just going on. "Well, you haven't never seen me fry potatoes yet. I was raised on them," like that—something like that. And I'll see a little bitty smile trickle on one side, you know. And the first thing you know, I come over, and I put my hand on her. She don't know what I'm doing yet. And I say, "Bless your heart, honey. I—I'll tell you, I'll help you do this." And then down in my heart I'm saying, "Lord, send my peace—Your peace that's in me into her now. O God, quieten my family now. I'm Your servant, Father. Send…"

61  And the first thing you know, she'd say, "Bill, you know a certain thing?" Them little old black eyes are snapping again, you know. "You know?" "Yeah." And I look at the baby, she's in there, got her blocks and the babies are playing together. What is it? It's creating an atmosphere. Hallelujah. Brother, let me tell you brothers. The atmosphere is what does it. It's exactly right. Look, it's not the hen that hatches the egg; it's the atmosphere. Yes, sir. Is that right?

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